Framing the Dialogue

Stop START Stop

The Obama talking points for the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (“START”) sound worthwhile…reducing nuclear arms.  Like the manmade global warming fraud this treaty raises hackles on my neck.  I have not read START, but I trust Putin and the Russians about less than I trust Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  Anytime a politician really pushes an agenda, really pushes an agenda we should be wary.  The good thing about America is that we generally play by the rules, but the bad thing is that others don’t.  No greater proof is our rules of engagement in Afghanistan. 

The Heritage Foundation started a working group to evaluate START and disseminate the implications.  Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton was a member of the group.  I have always loved Bolton’s frankness and trust his insight.  The workgroup provided a summary in June and in a nutshell the treaty’s verification weaken it to the point of worthlessness.  Their conclusion;

“The New START verification regime is not sufficient to detect large-scale cheating by the Russian Federation. As past experience has shown, inadequate verification measures are likely to be exploited. If Russia has the necessary resources, it can deploy many more warheads and missiles than allowed by the treaty with little risk of detection. To state that this Treaty begins to establish a basis for further reductions leading toward eliminating nuclear weapons is absurd. If the current Administration intends to pursue deeper nuclear reductions leading to nuclear elimination, verification regimes more intrusive and demanding than the now-expired START verification regime will be needed. The weak verification measures in the New START Treaty are a step in the wrong direction.”

Still not sure about START perhaps Russia’s Prime Minister and “former” KGB chief, Vladimir Putin’s notice to America will sway you.  Putin said that if American doesn’t ratify START they may build more nuclear weapons.  Sounds to me like an ultimatum.  I don’t like ultimatums especially from thugs like Putin.  I no longer have any doubt that Putin and the Russians bullied Obama and his boys.


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