Framing the Dialogue

Sticker Shock

So I’m driving through a more “liberal” neighborhood in Pittsburgh last Saturday and was not surprised to be following a boxy car covered with bumper stickers.  Surprisingly the car was not a Subaru Forester.  I first noticed the “coexist” sticker on the top center of the rear window.  I probably saw thirty of these that day during my travels.  The crescent always looks to me like a PacMan-like character ready to consume the other symbols (religions).  Perhaps that is an accurate symbolism.  As we wove through a somewhat rainy morning (hence the somewhat fuzzy photo – sorry about that) I got a chance to get a closer look at this driver’s array.  I started to laugh as I noticed two of the stickers were shockingly contradictory (I’ve enlarged them for you). 

There are many Americans who feel strongly about China’s oppression of Tibet and this person chose to display this shared opinion on his car.  This person also supports Obama, though based on judging this book by its car coverage I doubt that they are independent.  Here is where their confusion shocked me.  The following are two photographs of events/visits during Obama’s regime in the White House…

The Dali Lama exits by the back door after an unofficial visit at the White House.

Obama hosts lavish State Dinner for Chinese president. No sign of garbage bags.

This “independent” supports Obama who bows to the leaders of China who oppress the Tibetans who this nimrod wants freed.  Please don’t take my use of the word nimrod as a reflection on my feelings about Tibet.  They should be free.  This person is a nimrod if he thinks Obama gives a damn about this issue unless his teleprompter tells him to care.  Perhaps China can “coexist” with Tibet.

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