Framing the Dialogue

Stay Dead

“Elise lowered her weapon and asked a question that had been dogging her for far too long. “Doesn’t anybody stay dead around here?”

Stay Dead is the second novel in the Elise Sandburg Series set in Savannah, Georgia.  Homicide Detective Sandburg is recovering from wounds and is confronted by a number of surprises including a serial killer dubbed “the organ thief” by the local press.  As you may guess, Sandburg and her “Yankee” partner try to solve the killings before the killer strikes again.

As I have often stated, I work not to give too many details in my review…and usually even less than shown in the book inside cover description.  I never want to ruin your reading journey.

Another great book by author Anne Frasier.  At first I thought that I had missed a book that detailed how Elise Sandburg was injured, but this author made me wait as she patiently filled in the details throughout the story.  That was a brilliant way to tease this reader.  You need to add this book to your reading list.

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