Framing the Dialogue

State of the Union

“The Russians had made one fatal mistake – they hadn’t cleared their message through Scot Harvath, and he was going to be damned if those lying communist bastards caused the collective head of the United States of America to bow even a fraction of an inch in deference to the new world order they planned to unleash.  He’d been to Russia, and he’d seen what a shitty country it was.  As far as he was concerned, they’d gained too much prominence on the world stage, and it wasn’t time for the United States to step back, it was time for someone to shove the Russians the hell off.”

Brad Thor [excerpt from State of the Union]


There is little doubt about who the enemy was in this thriller by Brad Thor.  In his third novel featuring Nave SEAL/Secret Service/OIIC operative Scot Harvath again provides a fast-paced adventure that I found hard to put down.  So I didn’t.  State of the Union takes you on a journey deep inside Germany where deadly remnants of the Cold War are still to be found as Agent Harvath races to save the United States from attack. 

This is truely a THRILLER and Thor is fast becoming one of my favorite writers of this genre.  I place him up there with Daniel Silva and Vince Flynn as an author whose next work I cannot wait to read.

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