Framing the Dialogue

State of Fear

I recently wrote an insightful commentary on the global warming “crisis.”  Michael Crichton did a much better job on the topic in this novel.  That’s right, I did say novel. 

The story I heard is that while Mr. Crichton was conducting research for this book, he was surprised to find how much hype there was about the man-made global warming issue.  Rather than a book about a global warming crisis, State of Fear is more about the industry behind the global warming movement. 

Presented in his usual thriller format, is a very entertaining novel.  What sets this apart from most fiction books, however, is the end of the book.  Michael Crichton provides an Author’s Message, an appendix titled “Why Politicized Science is Dangerous,” an appendix titled “Sources of Data for Graphs,” and an extensive bibliography.

The book is a great read, but I have included State of Fear on my Top Ten List primarily because of the Author’s Message.  If you do nothing but read his notes, you will be wiser.   In four and a half pages, Michael Crichton captured much of the debate (or lack thereof) regarding global warming, environmentalism, and politics.

“I am certain there is too much certainty in the world.”
   Michael Crichton – State of Fear

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