Framing the Dialogue

S.S. Obama

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

A tale of a fateful trip

That started from this Mid East port

Aboard a tiny ship

The Obama administration, in yet another example of a long string of leadership failures, has jumped in to the fray to rescue United States citizens stuck in Libya amid the rioting. For this White House the reaction was fairly rapid if not effective as the ship that they chartered to haul away our fellow Americans was far too small to handle the number of people and the rough seas and was unable to leave the port. Could have happened to anyone you say and I suppose that is true, but the Greeks and the Turks had the foresight to get a proper boat. No disrespect to those nations, but we should have done better.

 The mate was a carpetbaggin State Department wonk, 

The Obama weak and quite unsure.

No passengers could set sail that day

And another day ashore, another day ashore.

The last time Gadafi gave the United States some trouble, serious trouble, then President Ronald Reagan sent a little package to his house attached to a cruise missile.  A few years later when George Bush took office Gadafi renounced his evil ways and decided to play nice until now.  Our answer is of course is to send Secretary of State Clinton to Geneva.  Rather than launch a missile or two she is “going to rally the council and the international community to make a continued forceful effort to address the ongoing situation in Libya and the Middle East. It will help strengthen the unity of purpose in the international community … to categorically reject the behavior of the Libyan government.”  Yep she is going to make a continued forceful effort.  Bullies really respond to continued forceful efforts.  These folks are absolutely frightening.

 The climate started getting rough,

The tiny country in flames,

If not for the strongly worded statement

Libya would be lost, Libya would be lost.

Many of us are perplexed regarding the lack of international strength and/or swagger demonstrated by the Obama White House. President Obama was very quick to criticize Wisconsin’s governor and legislature, yet has been rather weak and timid in tackling his fellow United Nation’s Human Rights Panel member Gadafi. Perhaps bolstered by the paper Obama tiger the Libyan dictator has taken to mass killings of its citizens, but Gadafi’s thugs should be afraid, very afraid as Obama is sure to send Hillary to the United Nations to get sanctions against them.

The country braced again for oil prices sure to soar,

With Hillary,

The Barry too,

The Michelle his nagging wife,

The Vietnam vet,

The Biden and Pinky Reid

Here on Obama’s watch.

I was shocked to see a 10 percent increase in the price of gas yesterday, but after hearing from Timmy Geithner I felt much better, “Central banks have a lot of experience in managing these things. The core of the American financial system is in a much stronger position than it was before the crisis.”  Unfortunately for us we are not “central banks” and a 10 percent increase is bad enough, but that seems like just the beginning of the climb.  Perhaps he needs to forget his economic theories and work to increase supply via “drill here, drill now.”  Just imagine where we would be now if we had begun drilling during George Bush’s tenure or if the Obama Administration had not banned drilling in the Gulf. 

So this is the tale of the elected elite

They’re here for only two more years,

To make themselves comfortable,

While the public  buys their beers.

While you and I face economic turmoil with rapidly rising energy and food costs the Obama’s did their part to share in the austerity program. They threw a big party in honor of black history month last night. There were reportedly performances by John Legend, Seal, Jamie Foxx, Nick Jonas, Sheryl Crowe Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Natasha Bedingfield, Jordin Sparks and Ledisi. Do not feel too bad that you were not invited as you will be able to see the party on PBS. Rumor has it that for a $500.00 donation you will be sent an order of ribs from the Kelly Liken Restaurant, Michelle’s favorite Aspen eatery.

The first lady and the Barry too,

Will party with the very best,

As if they are American royalty,

In the Washington White House nest.

Quite a few pundits have claimed that Obama’s goal is global governance that can only be achieved through the destruction of the U.S. economy.  It is getting harder and harder to hard to see Obama’s actions any other way.  As he continues to put the brakes on our economy through legislation, selective enforcement, and regulatory fiat predictions are that we will soon drop to the 3rd best economy in the world.  It is also getting very old when his defenders continue to blame President Bush for the woes of our country and economy.  At this point you have to either believe that Obama and his cabinet are totally inept or totally driving our country toward socialism.  I can no longer see any other explanation. 

No phone, no lights, no motor cars,

Not a single luxury,

Like Robinson Crusoe,

That’s how they want us to be.


So join us here each day my friends,

You’re sure to see their guile,

From several elected elitist snobs,

Here on Obama’s watch.

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