Framing the Dialogue


sprinkledIn Sprinkled we know by the subtitle that “heroine” Lacey Luzzi’s “Family” is non other that a Mafia Family.  Her mother it turns out didn’t want Lacey to be involved in the family business, but after her death Lacey reconnected with her grandfather who is a very important man and she agrees to work for him on a contract basis.  More of an investigative role and he pays her well for her efforts.  In Sprinkled, author Gina LaManna has Lacey searching for one her grandfather’s missing shipments…a very valuable shipment.

“I’d never expected to die while standing knee deep in garbage, hiding for my life in a dumpster.  The rusty blue walls felt a bit claustrophobic, and the space was made even tighter, due to the presence of my best friend, who was currently keeping watch over a man wriggling uncomfortably on the floor.”

This is meant to be a light mystery series, but again I found the story to be a bit scattered like the main character.  Perhaps I put too much thought into it?  I did enjoy the ride though and the interplay between the characters.

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