Framing the Dialogue

Spending Cuts In The Tax Code

I was preparing to post/blast Obama’s latest little gem calling for “spending reductions in the tax code.”  Perhaps he believes all of the hype about how smart he is and how dumb we are.  He’s not and we’re not (smart and dumb respectively).  Jon Stewart beat me to the punch…

I did want to comment on Obama’s very low class act by inviting Paul Ryan to attend and sit in the front row only to be trashed by Obama much like he did to the United States Supreme Court in a State-of-the-Union speech.  It would have been great if Ryan would have walked out, but that would have a low class move that a community organizer would pull.  Perhaps a tug on the teleprompters rendering them useless.  I can here Obama speaking “Um ah ah um like um ah Republicans want to kill women and seniors um ah ah um um um can I get a witness?”

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