Framing the Dialogue

Spell Or High Water

spell or high water“and there’s a reason you never hear anyone say, ‘Luckily I panicked and did something really smart.”

Spell or High Water brings us back to the world of Magic 2.0 and a group of time travelers found a mysterious computer file that allows them to time travel, stop the aging process, teleport, and pull food from their wizard hats.  In Scott Meyer’s second book we find Martin and Phillip being invited to Atlantis for a summit of all of the “time traveler” communities.  As the place where all of the women travelers eventually migrate there was no real chance that all of the menfolk wouldn’t flock to the summit.  The goal is to set rules so that travelers would not abuse their powers.  So naturally the story revolves around the abuse of the powers and our “heroes” are caught in the middle of things.

“For a smart person to argue with a dumb person, they have to dumb down their logic on the fly, while the dumb person thinks in dumb logic naturally, giving them an advantage.”

You would really need to read the first book in the series, Off To Be The Wizard, to get the most out of this novel.  This is a light and humorous mystery.  You’ll not be up in the middle of the night trying to finish it, but it was quite enjoyable to read.

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