Framing the Dialogue

Some Small Stuff Is Sweet

One of the most common pieces of advice that you will ever hear is;

“Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

I am in my third week of a new job and the stress is often quite high.  The stress is higher because it is actually a new career since it is quite different than my previous jobs and I entered the company at a high level.  Expectations (both mine and the owner’s) are rather high.  The break in period lasted about three hours.  I still have not finished reading the company manual and started doing payroll before I got my first paycheck.

Monday was a particularly rough day with an early start to the day, a late meeting that ran later followed by an 100 page report to review that evening.  When I finally got home, my family had already eaten so I changed clothes and dug in.  After dinner my desert was the aforementioned report.  I finished the report after a few hours just in time for bed.  My wife would probably characterize my mood as grumpy…extremely grumpy.

I awoke early the next morning in about the same mood and facing the hour drive to work…in the dark.  I love having to commute both ways in the dark.  This was my eleventh morning and as I was nearing work, I noticed this bleak apartment building off to my left.  A smile came to my face as I noticed that someone still had their Christmas wreath hanging and lit.  I now look for that light each morning.

My new job is basically an office job while my previous one kept me out of the office most days.  It sometimes seems like a prison to me (except without the gangs, tatoos, bars, “girlfriends,” and barbed wire.  Ok it is not at all like a prison, but it is really hard to sit around all day.  One way I try to cope is to go out to lunch.  I found a Subway not too far from work.  I love to eat fresh.

As I waited in line these three folks came in dressed like the Statue of Liberty.  Most of the customers looked on apprehensively.  They were visiting all of the local businesses passing out fliers for their tax service.  Any guess as to the name of the tax service?  Take notice that the man (on the left) is holding a one hundred dollar bill in his hand.  The nice Liberty folks bought us all lunch.  My Spicy Italian on Italian Herb and Cheese bread tasted pretty good.  In case you are not a Subway fan, that is one of the five dollar foot-longs.  I didn’t gouge them.

They say that things happen in three’s.  We have this older color copier at work that take about 10 minutes to warm up in the morning.  It makes decent copies unless you only want a black and white copy.  All B/W copies have a salmon tint to them unless you manually select the “black” setting.  This is no big deal unless you forget.  After my most recent salmon copy on Monday I entered the world of copier programing.  We do not have any manuals for this machine so I went in blind.

I went through the series of menus without success and the path to B/Wness was not straightforward.  Copier menus are not always intuitive.  Going through the menus again the unthinkable happened after I hit the “Apply” button.  I ACHIEVED DEFAULT BLACK SETTING!  No more salmon enchanted papers.

It was amazing how a few seemingly small, positive occurances brightened my day.  Yesterday evening was pleasant and I did not grump at my family…much.

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