Framing the Dialogue

Snowflakes Struck – The Next Generation

As much as I try, I cannot always avoid headlines from news sources.  One of today’s was all about how some Notre Dame students walked out on the commencement speech delivered by Vice-President Pence.  It is interesting how these Snowflakes are proud to have walked out rather than listen to someone, who is not controversial or vile, but just may have a different perspective than they do.  I guess that’s society now…a very sad truth for them.  I don’t give a shit about them.  They’ll never make it in life outside of their liberal bubble.

I count maybe fifteen graduates in the tightly-shot photograph.  The one numbnut on the right didn’t even have the intelligence to switch his tassle.  So NBC makes this the headline.  Is this really news?  Or is it just fake?  Of course Yahoo put the story in their news scroll.

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