Framing the Dialogue

Smash The Hoax

One of the more difficult issues to broach with a liberal is the topic of man-made global warming. It is perhaps the left’s most glorious achievement; the solid way they have convinced a large portion of the population that the “sky is falling.” It is even more egregious than that because those who are “skeptics” (that’s classic framing-the-dialogue) because if you don’t agree you are a “skeptic” of the “settled science” rather than someone who has an opposing view. If you are lucky, being called a skeptic is the nicest label the religion of global warming will place on your soul.

Any honest, thinking person who delves just a little deeper into the global warming scammers (I do think we should begin calling the man-made global warming cabal “scammers”) they would find a world of real scientists who cast doubt on the anthropomorphic global warming pyramid scheme.  This video is one such nugget.  Mr. Ivar Giaever is a Nobel Laureate in Physics and shoots down many of the talking points frequently spouted by progressives.  The video is about 30 minutes long and worth the time AND IT IS ACTUALLY BY A SCIENTIST.

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