Framing the Dialogue

Skin Tight

“Stranahan heaved the body into the Seacraft and took the boat out into the Biscayne Channel. There he pushed the dead guy overboard, tossed the pistol into deep water, rinsed down the deck, dove off the stern, and swam back toward the stilt house. In fifteen minutes his knees hit the mud bank, and he waded the last seventy-five yards to the dock. That night there was no sunset to speak of, because of the dreary skies, but Stranahan sat on the deck anyway. As he stared out to the west, he tried to figure out who wanted him dead, and why. He considered this a priority.”


An ex investigator longs to live a quiet life hidden in the back channels of Florida’s coast.  Fortunately for him there is no way of approaching his house without him knowing.  When a stranger calls and tries to kill Stranahan, it sets off an investigation to find out who is behind the attempt.  Can he find them before they find, and kill him?


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