Framing the Dialogue


shift“Donald remembered running for Congress, thinking he was going to do real good for the future. And then he found himself in an office surrounded by a bewildering tempest of rules, memos and messages, and he quickly learned just to pray for the end of each day. He went from thinking he was going to save the world to passing the time until…time ran out…There had been no warning before its collapse, no increase in violence. The population graphs appeared normal.”

In Shift, author Hugh Howey’s second in his Silo Series we are taken back to before the Silos and the men behind their creation.  Donald is a pawn in the larger scheme that he knows little about, yet plays a vital role in what can only be described as…Well you’ll have to read the novel to get a better sense of all of this.

I read the first in the series, Wool, nearly two years ago.  My regret is waiting so long between editions.  I am sure there are links between the books that I missed and I’ve racked my brain trying to recall connections.  This edition does lend itself to lead into the next in the series with a “cliff-hanger” of sorts in that the story doesn’t really end.

I have enjoyed the series thus far, but it is on the apopalyptic side of the novel genre.  I need some light between some of the darkness in these books.

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