Framing the Dialogue


In Shakedown , FBI Special Agent Jack Davis is trying to solve a series of seemingly drug-related murders including the murder of a very young boy and his mother.  Davis desperately tries to keep hold of the investigation while dealing with what seems like a debilitating illness that physically makes him unable to safely do his job.  He fears that his estranged daughter is somehow link to a bad cop and maybe worse.

“For me, that was the beauty of the crime scene. It didn’t have a face that hid the truth. It had no hidden agenda. It hadn’t just had a fight at home or too many drinks after work. It didn’t want to be interviewed on Court TV and it wasn’t trying to cover up. It wasn’t afraid of the cops, it wasn’t out to screw us over, and it wasn’t smarter than us. It was what it was and it never lied.”

I enjoyed this novel and look forward to others in this series if only to find out about his health condition.

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