Framing the Dialogue


My view of a Navy Seal has always been tinged with a lot of respect for the achievement at becoming the best of the best and then getting better.  Having read several books by Seals in the last year has only enhanced that view.  It can be thrilling to read about their exploits, sad when they get injured or lose one of their own, and joyous when they kill a bunch of the bad guys. Service is the second book by Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell  and he takes us through his second deployment to the Middle East as he deals with recovering from his injuries and getting back into Seal shape.

Luttrell also gives the account of his Afghan recue from the perspective of those tring to find him and his team.  There were many heroes during that tense period.  It is amazing what our soldiers will do for each other.  The amount of love and respect they have.  They put themselves on the line to not only rescue their brothers, but equally to recover those who have fallen.  Perhaps that’s one of the biggest revalations about the Seals and other elite soldiers.  They are family to each other.

Luttrell gives voice to the backbone of the Seals.  One of the last chapters has sections written by the wives.  Imagine living with the knowledge that the one you love is not only at war, but is probably going to jump into some of the worst and most dangerous tasks.  If you are not touched by their stories you should see a shrink.

Service is another fine job by Marcus Luttrell!

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