Framing the Dialogue

Separation of Power

Separaton of PowerI just cannot get enough of Vince Flynn to satisfy my thirst for “edge of my seat,” thrilling action.  Flynn combines Washington backstabbing (AKA politics) with a world-wide crisis in which most of the world is unaware to keep us up far into the early morning reading.  In my case I was awake until after 2:00 AM reading Separation of Powerstarring CIA operative Mitch Rapp. 

There is a strong connection between this book and Flynn’s previous novel, The Third Option as Rapp works to find out who tried to have him killed.  The intrigue reaches the top of American and foreign governments while the President wrestles with the confirmation of a new CIA director and the fact that Saddam Hussein is close to having three nuclear weapons. 

This novel was first published in 2001 and I am not sure if it was before September 11, but Flynn’s novel is all about killing the bad guy by any means necessary as illustrated by this passage by Mitch Rapp;

“Americans had grown soft with all of their rights and personal freedoms.  They had no idea how harsh the rest of the world was.  On the surface most Americans would be shocked by the things he had done.  But they would be shocked from the comfort of their homes, having no idea what things were like in the Middle East.  Women would judge him the harshest, and they would do so without thinking how they would be treated by the men he killed.  Women in these fundamentalistic Islamic communities weren’t even treated as second-class citizens.  They were property owned by their fathers and then their husbands…”

Flynn’s novel is refreshing in that there is no political correctness between the book covers, just a great deal of action.  Read this book, but I would read The Third Option first.

I definitely will have to put off reading Flynn’s fourth book for a few day as I need the sleep.

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