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Separated At Birth – Zoidberg/Axelrod

Dr. John A. Zoidberg:  If you have ever watched the animated television series, Futurama, you are familiar with Dr. John A. Zoidberg.  Dr. Zoidberg seems to be a hapless character who is not well liked and is not particularly competent at his job as the medical officer for his company, Planet Express.  His beliefs are backwards as he thinks food is digested in the heart and cannot tell the difference between robots and humans.  He seems to be unaware of common human customs and socially inept to the point that most cannot stand to be in his presence and detest him.

David Axelrod:  If you have ever watched the Sunday morning news shows you are familiar with David Axelrod.  David Axelrod seems to be a hapless character as and not particularly adept at his job as a top political advisor for the White House.  His views are backwards as he attempts to spin the Obama agenda and deflect blame from their huge mistakes.  He no longer is able to tell the difference between his talking points and reality.  He seems to be unaware of common human customs like telling the truth when we can all see the truth.  You know that the White House screwed up when he slinks out to make the Sunday morning talk show circuit.

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  1. Oktober Surprise / Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] of attacks, the leader makes the charge while his minions defend and try to strengthen the case.  White House advisor David Axelrod appeared on ABC’s Face the Nation and in a surprising exchange the liberal media seemed to do […]

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