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Separated At Birth – Whiplash/Holder

Whiplash - Holder

Snidely Whiplash was the tireless antagonist to Canadian Mountie, Dudley Do-Right, in the 1960s cartoon.  The tireless villain in the cartoon melodrama often made Nell Fenwick the object of his schemes where she often ended up tied to a railroad track.  Often foiled by Do-Right, Snidely never gave up his machinations to do evil.  Whiplash was portrayed as a bright yet evil man who was often beaten by a lesser Dudley.  One senses that the dual for “right” had been going on long before the series.

Eric Holderseems to be a tireless antagonist to Americas battle on terror and justice even though he currently is the United States’ Attorney General.  The tireless Holder often makes liberty and freedom the object of his schemes where Lady Justice often seems to be railroaded.  Not often foiled, Holder make bolder and bolder machinations to achieve his goals.  Holder is often portrayed as a bright man working to offset the evil Bush Administration.  Holder’s actions proceed his ascension to become the nation’s highest law enforcement officer…

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  1. Talking Point Robots / Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] officials have been out stumping against the legislation.  The current Attorney General Eric (Snidley Whiplash) Holder was testifying before a congressional committee and was asked by Rep. Ted Poe whether he […]

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