Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Saw Puppet/Cher

Saw Puppet:  The Saw Puppet, unofficially referred to as “billy” by handlers is the plastic face of the Jigsaw Killer in the popular Saw movies.  Billy has been famous for putting victims in sadistic traps and making them face life-and-death decisions.  A typical trap may be to chain the victim with a knife nearby with the only way to escape being to saw their arm off.  Billy is often used to describe the gory details to the trapped victims and causing many nightmares.

Cher:  Cher, unofficially referred to as Cher Bono, by those who are older is the plastic-surgery formed face of a singer/performer in generally unpopular television appearances.  Cher is famous for campy jokes at her former husband’s expense and craving the spotlight putting the viewing public in sadistic situations watching her perform.  A typical trap is to appear in public wearing clothes meant for women 40 years younger with the only way to escape to frantically search for your remote or lunge for the television power button.  Cher is often wearing skimpy clothing showing her gory details to viewers and causing many nightmares.

Cher seems to have a very high opinion of herself as she recently described Governor Sarah Palin as a “dumb woman” and referred to conservatives as “teabaggers and f-ing nuts.  I don’t know how smart or dumb either Cher or Palin are, though if I had to bet in a life or death “Saw” trap I would put my money on a state governor over the weird performer.  To misquote Laura Ingraham’s famous quote;

Shut up and go away!

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