Framing the Dialogue

Separated at Birth – Pettigrew/Waxman

For those of you Harry Potter fans, your probably recognize Mr. Peter Pettigrew as the wizard who betrayed James and Lily Potter leading to their death at the hands of He Who Must Not Be Named.  Pettigrew (AKA Wormtail) faked his death and hid for years as Scabbers the pet rat of one of Harry’s friends, Ron.  Pettigrew’s true identity came to light as he again tried to help The Dark Lord.

The rat persona was appropriate for Peter as he was a petty man living through the popularity of his friends.  Prone to bitterness, he betrayed them and framed another friend to take the blame.  Even his master found him contemptible:

“Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice. You would not be here if you had anywhere else to go.”

                                                                                           Lord Voldemort

Henry Waxman is a powerful Representative (D-CA).  Waxman, like Pettigrew, had to bide his time while the Democrats were out of power.  While I have no evidence that he changed physical form into a rat, that seems to fit him.  With a resurgent party and Lord Obama in now charge, Waxman has been set free to pursue his agenda.  He is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  He is betraying his friends (constituents) as only 30% of Americans support Cap and Trade. 

(l-r) Lord Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew (background), Lucius Malfoy, and Narcissa Malfoy

 seems to know that he has a limited window with which to grab power and has been busy.  While the piggish Cap and Trade (American Clean Energy and Security Act) is his best known power play, he is also involved with the Food Safety Enhancement Act.  Waxman also has our healthcare system on his list. 

So they will control food, energy, commerce, banks, mortgage companies, cars, manufacturing, doctors, drugs, etc. 

So much for those unalienable rights.

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  1. Mensawarrior says:

    The Waxman/Scabbers connection is a fantastic one. Out of the shadows scurries Waxman/Scabbers – let’s hope our beloved country is not a sinking ship. Check out my blog for common sense with teeth. Waxman is Scabbers….pass it on!

  2. Peter Andrew says:

    This is very funny! I thought I came up with this and started searching for images… YOU BEAT ME!! Great post, and funny too.

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