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Separated At Birth – Leonidas/Emanuel

Leonidas was a former King of the warrior nation of Sparta.  Even if you are not a history buff, you have probably heard of the movie The 300 where Leonidas and his men fought to the last man.  The Spartans lead a very severe lifestyle in order to become great warriors.  Weak or infirm babies were abandoned to die as they were felt to be inferior and not valued by the society.  Spartan culture was all about the good of the society and men were taught to either return victorious (with their shields) or dead (upon their shields). 

Ezekiel Emanuel is the brother of President Obama’s Chief of Staff and as a top advisor to Obama, Ezekiel Emanuel is believed to be at the center of the Obamacare legislation.  Ezekiel is himself facing a battle against an overwhelming and growing majority of Americans who do not want the federal government tinkering with their health care.  Emanuel had been in the background of the health care debate until reporters started looking at some of his writings on the subjects of end-of-life care and treatment of the handicapped. 

“services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.”

                                       Ezekiel Emanuel

If we had a real media rather than the drive by media they might venture to ask Mr. Emanuel how he may have allocated the treatments of Robert Novak or Senator Edward Kennedy.  Both recently died of brain cancer and their fates were set upon getting diagnosed.

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  1. nyp says:

    This is a terrible slur on a respected oncologist, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. He never said that he believed that patients suffering from dementia or disorders that would preclude them from being active participants in the democratic process have no right to medical care. Your allegation is simply false.
    In addition, why did you decide not to inform your readers that Dr. Emanuel is one of the leading opponents of assisted suicide? Including that fact in your post would blow large holes in your argument.

  2. Greg says:

    If you consider my quoting Emanuel’s words a slur then that is on him. Please do not respond that the quote is out of context. Those are his words. I am interested in how the health care plan that is being advocated would have treated these two individuals. All indications are that Emanuel and Obama would probably have told them to “just take the pain medications.”

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