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Separated At Birth – Jabba/Gore

Jabba the Hut:  Many of you remember Jabba The Hut from the original Star Wars movies.  This international gangster sought wealth through any means.  The official Stars Wars web site contains this summary of the beloved Jabba:

“A loathsome slug of a gangster, Jabba the Hutt was the preeminent kingpin of crime in the Outer Rim Territories. Basing his operations out of Tatooine, the Hutt had his pudgy fingers in a number of lucrative and unsavory rackets — slavery, gunrunning, spice-smuggling, extortion and more.

Jabba’s physical appearance was as repulsive as his decadence. He lived in an opulent if sand-scarred palace out in the Tatooine deserts.  To spread his influence and business across the Outer Rim, Jabba employed a number of smugglers to traffic his illicit goods. One of the best starpilots on his payroll was a young Corellian named Han Solo. Solo’s luck ran out while running a shipment of Kessel spice, and his freighter, the Millennium Falcon was boarded by an Imperial patrol. With no options, Han jettisoned Jabba’s cargo into space.”

Al Gore:  Many of you remember Al Gore the former VP under William Jefferson Clinton and son of former Senator from Tennessee, Albert Gore, Sr.  Vice-President Gore may be best remembered as the sore loser in the 2000 campaign for President of the United States.  Many in his crowd still claim that the election was stolen which is sad since the liberal New York Times even gave up that ghost years ago. 

Many of us find Al Gore to be a loathsome slug of a gangster, as the preeminent kingpin of the global warming conspiracy and money extortion racket.  Basing his operations out of London, Gore has his pudgy fingers in a number of lucrative and unsavory rackets through the company Generation Investment Management where he is poised to add meny millions of dollars to his already bloated pockets.

Gore’s physical appearance is as repulsive as his decadence.  He travels in private jets and lives in an opulent house in his native Tennessee while decrying excesses of others. 

To spread his influence and business across the world, Gore employed junk science, Hollywood dupes, and a fawning main stream media to traffic his alarmist goods.  One of the best cronies on his side was a EPAnian named James Hansen. Hansen’s “star” may be fading as he had the audacity to openly criticize the recent cap and trade bill calling it “less than worthless.” 

One thing liberals seem to forget that when they use these willing dupesis that the dupes believe that they are actually part of the team.  The often feel slighted when they do not get everything that they want.  They do not know when to shut up.

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