Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Hermy/Geithner

We all remember Hermy the misfit elf.  Hermy did not fit in with the other elves in Santa’s workshop since he did not like to make toys.  He could only think about being a dentist and often screwed up toys because he could not concentrate on his task.  He ran away with Rudolf to find fame and fortune and, of course, to become a dentist.  Hermy and Rudolf made their way to the Island of misfit toys where they, as misfits themselves, fit in nicely.

Chased by the Abominable Snowman, Rudolf felt like he was endangering his friends so he struck off alone.  The day was saved when Rudolf and Yukon knocked the Bumble off of a cliff.  Since there was not a dental school in Christmasland, Hermy had to learn dentistry by tinkering.  One of his first “patients” was the good old Bumble (they bounce so he did not die after going off the cliff).  The Bumble, with teeth removed, became a productive member of society.

Until recently, Hermy was the better known brother although most Americans probably, sadly still do not know Timmy.  Like Hermy, Timmy did not fit in with the other managers in the Fed.  He wanted to run the economy so that was always on his mind.  He often screwed up his taxes even though he used TurboTax and received notifications from his employer.  It was all an honest mistake.

Timmy also left his home and headed for Obamaland (island of misfit liberals) to find fame and fortune.  His buddy Barack also left with him, but Barack had many speeches to give and apologies to deliver so Timmy was left to his own devices.  That is ok because Timmy was the only guy to be able to run the Economy.  There were not many Economy schools in Obamaland so Timmy had to experiment.  Timmy pushed the Economy over the cliff, but unlike his brother, Hermy, things did not work out so well…for the Economy.

Timmy did quite well as now he runs the Economy, most of the U.S auto industry, many banks, and lending institutions and more corporations coming soon.

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