Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Grinch/Comey

The Grinch:  The Grinch lives in seclusion overlooking the happy town of Whoville.  He scorns those beneath him and wants to steal away their spirit and plots a way to take their Christmas Spirit.  Aided by his pet dog, Max, he pretends to be Santa Claus and breaks into the Whoville homes to steal their decorations and gifts.  Astonished by their resilient spirit the Grinch has a change of heart and returns the gifts and joins the celebration.

James Comey:  Comey resided in the high spires of the Federal Bureau of Investigation overlooking the swamp of Washington, D.C.  He should have had a career of seclusion, but his tendency to put himself in the limelight  astonished many.  Aided by his pet lawyer, Danny, Comey leaked confidential information to the press in order to steal the presidency.  Astonished by Trump’s resiliency, Comey may face criminal charges for his illegal (alleged) actions and may/should end up in Leavenworth.



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