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Separated At Birth – Grampa/Soros

Grandpa Munster(AKA Sam Dracula) was the sarcastic patriarch of the Munster family even though his son-in-law, Herman, owned the house and daughter, Lily, kept things together.  Often a behind the scenes character relegated to his subterranean lab, Grandpa hatches scheme after scheme and invention after invention.  As a vampire, he is active at night and one had to wonder what he was really up to and when one of his ideas would cause problems.

George Soroshas become the patriarch of the Democratic party with the passage of the McCaim-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill.  Political money did not dry up, it just gave control to non-profit organizations, many of which are financially supported by Soros.  Soros has been often behind the scenes orchestrating (donated an estimated $23 million to defeat George Bush in 2004) the creation of new organizations to alter the direction of America.  No word on whether Soros is actually a vampire or just lives by destroying conservatives or at least seems to thrive on the attempt.

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  1. Wish List For Our Second 21st Century Decade - Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] Taking a page from the Oz brand I wish for Nancy Pelosi to have a brain, for Harry Reid to get a heart, for Ben Nelson and numerous other Democrat lawmakers some courage to follow their constituents wishes, and for BO to retire to Chicago in January 2013.  Maybe some enterprising news person will expose the Soros behind the curtain. […]

  2. Hostile Intent / Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] I found one of the protagonists particularly interesting and wonder if he is modeled after any famous individual making headlines today.  He is a wealthy financier who rose from a shadowy past in Hitler’s Germany.  He has amassed a vast fortune manipulating markets and currency.  He has his money and subsequently his fingers into many things, but likes to portray himself as sort of a heroic, philanthropic figure.  Oh and he seek a one-world governance…probably with him at the helm.  I’ll give you three guesses who the real figure is and the first two don’t count.  Click here if you want to see my guess. […]

  3. Tangled Web / Framing the Dialogue says:

    […] reports on “spooky dude” or George Soros.  The media seems like they want to portray Soros as this wealthy grandpa figure who has nothing but good intentions.  Beck and his staff have done yeoman’s work compiling […]

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