Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Geri/Reid

Geri:  Geri is a popular Pixar character thrust on the international scene after his appearance after the blockbuster Toy Story movie.  The elderly Geri plays a game of chess against himself becoming each of the players by moving to the other side of board.  He seems to change personalities depending on which side he sits.  At a point late in the game the “nice” Geri feigns a heart attack to distract the “bad” Geri and literally turns the board on his opponent.  Realizing that he is beaten the bad Geri hands over the prize – his false teeth.  Sadly there is only one Geri and he has been playing alone at the chess board.

Harry Reid:  Harry Reid is an unpopular Democrat character thrust on the national scene after his party took over the U.S. Senate in 2006.  The elderly Harry plays a game of politics against the citizens becoming a lackey for President BHO by moving the Senate to the far left of the board.  He seems to change personalities depending on which party is in power.  At a point late in the 211 Congress Harry feigns to care about America and decides to buy the votes of numerous Democrat Senators to pass Obamacare.  Realizing that his party was beaten in the 2010 elections Harry refuses to heed to the will of the people and continues to play alone.  Sadly Harry will have to lose his position as majority leader so that others will be allowed to play…hopefully in 2012.

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