Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Candy/Rosie

Rosey the Robot Maid:  Rosie is a humanoid robot fictional character in The Jetsons animated television series of the 1960s. She is the Jetson’s maid and housekeeper and is usually depicted wearing a frilly apron. Her torso is mounted atop a single leg and she rolls about on a set of caster wheels.  She frequently calls George Jetson “Mr. J”.  Rosey was an old demonstrator model hired by the Jetson family from U-RENT A MAID. In the episode “Rosey the Robot”, her model number is revealed as XB-500.  Rosey is modeled after Hazel from the TV show Hazel, a sitcom featuring Shirley Booth as a similar maid character.

Candy Crowley:  Candy is a humanoid robot fictional journalist in The Obama’s reality television series of the 2010s. She is the Obama’s protector and housekeeper and is usually depicted wearing a frumpy black outfit. Her torso is mounted atop a single left-winged body and she rolls about on a desk chair.  She frequently calls B. Hussein Obama “My Lord”.  Candy was an old demonstrator from the 1960s who now volunteers for the Democrat family from probably Berkley, CA. In the episode “Presidential Debate Two”, her true colors are revealed as quasi-socialist.  Candy is modeled after Helen Thomas formerly from the White House Press Corps, a sitcom featuring the liberal media as similar “journalist” characters.

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