Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth – Brannigan/Schumer

Captain Zapp Brannigan:  Zapp is a character on the comedy show Futurama and senior member of the military of the Democratic Order of Planets (D.O.O.P.) though his title varies; he has been referred to as a “25 star General”, Captain, Rear Brigadier, “General Major Webelo”, Christopher Rossi, and Commodore 64.  He is arrogant, incompetent, chauvinistic, cocky, vain, and painfully stupid.  Although he claims to be a strategic genius, Zapp Brannigan is actually an imbecile and a coward whose plans are always absurd.  Zapp is inexplicably well-respected throughout the universe, appearing as a Miss Universe Judge and often (ineffectively) defending Earth from attacks.  Most battles are lost with Zapp in charge, due to his stupidity and incompetence; however sometimes the army is lucky. Zapp doesn’t care about casualties and cheerfully sends wave after wave of his own men to die in battle: it is implied that most of his ‘tactical’ victories have been pyrrhic, achieved only through high death tolls. 

Charles Schumer:   Chuck is a character in the tragic comedy of the U.S. Senate and is a senior memeber of the Democrat Senate Majority.  Schumer has been called many things, most of which cannot be written here.  He is arrogant, incompetent, cocky, sneaky, slimy, irritating and painfully stupid.  Although he claims to be for the people Chucky Schumer is all about power and using any method to get and maintain it.  Schumer is inexplicably accepted in the Democrat ranks often knocking people out of the way when a camera or microphone is nearby (“the most dangerous place to be is between Chucky and a microphone”).  Most battles would be lost with Chucky due to his irritating, nasal delivery, but his incompetence is hidden by his cheer-leading main-stream media cohorts.  Chuck doesn’t care about the truth and cheerfully proposes wave after wave of “strategy” to destroy his political enemies; it should be implied that most of his ‘tactical’ victories are pyrrhic; achieved only through trite political means.

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