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Saving Money – Executive Style

obama ceoMuch is made in the media about exorbitant salaries of corporate CEOs. Even as a capitalist the compensation that some CEOs get seem way over the top, but that is between them and their stockholders. One thing about CEOs, however, is that they generally are responsible for what happens to their company in good times and in bad. The buck stops there.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with the United States’ CEO or Commander-In-Chief as he is known in some circles. President Obama shocked (not really) me last week with his response to a question during a press conference with the British Prime Minister. A “stopped clock” reporter (you know right twice a day) asked a fairly detailed and tough question about what did he know and when did he know that his Treasury Department – Internal Revenue Service was targeting conservative groups for audits and delaying their applications for non-profit status. He actually said that he heard about it only last week on public news stations. Let that sink in.

There are only three possibilities here; one-he is lying and knew about it; two-he is inept and out of touch; three-he is purposefully kept out of the loop to protect him. None of these options reflect how the CEO of our country should be conduction business. Please offer me an alternative theory. I’d love to believe that Obama is not this vile, but other controversies support my three possibilities and Obama has yet to provide a plausible answer;

  • Benghazi – Facts seem to indicate that during the night of the attacks Obama went to bed while Ambassador Stevens was missing and later murdered. The next morning he flew to Colorado for a fundraiser. I should note that Obama was present at the airport as Stevens’ flag-draped coffin was removed from the plane.
  • Justice Department/Associated Press spying – spying may be harsh, but since it seems illegal it may be appropriate. Obama, of course, knew nothing about it. My guess is that Attorney General Holder is similarly shielded from this knowledge.
  • Fast and Furious – No one above some lower level folks in ATF and the Justice Department had any knowledge of the program to allow, no encourage the purchase of gun in the United States and allow, no encourage them to be smuggled into Mexico where by some accounts hundreds have been killed by those weapons. I should note that the weapons didn’t kill the folks that was the criminals who used them and the American government folks who facilitated their purchase.
  • Of course the aforementioned IRS hassling perceived political enemies.  There seems to be anther shoe to drop on this scandal as there is some evidence that the IRS passed along confidential tax information to a progressive blog site ProPublica.  All illegal actions that required jail time rather than resigning with your pension.

So my fiscal plan is to eliminate the executive offices of the United States’ government. Not the Executive Branch, just the offices of the president and vice president and all of their staff. Air Force One would no longer be needed; the secret service could spend their time on other police pursuits. Think of the cost savings when you eliminate the Obama vacations alone! I know it is in the Constitution, but progressives always argue that it is a living document. If our CEO doesn’t really do anything but campaign he can move to Marketing Director at a much lower salary. Obama seems to have a talent for marketing and based on what he does with most of his time he loves it.

Cabinet appointments can be filled through the Civil Service Process and candidates may apply and “hired” by Congress. That will help keep Congress busy and prevent them from passing onerous legislation and spending money.

I’ll admit that I may not have thought this completely through just yet, but I want to plant the seed. If the buck is not stopping with Obama; if the responsibility isn’t ultimately his; if no one is punished (and I agree with broken-clock Boehner that someone needs to go to jail) and held accountable why are we spending so much of our earnings on this office?


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