Framing the Dialogue

Rush To Judgement

A while back I posted Divided We Fail, which outlined my theory that politicians want a divided country so they can “rule” with impunity.  I am sorry about the quotes, but I cannot bring myself to call what politicians do as ruling or leadership.  I have to use the quotation marks to signify my dirision at their efforts.

In the last few days and weeks, there seems to be another campaign, primarily by the President and his followers to provide a distraction.  The willing mainstream media made a big deal about how President Obama had a secret meeting with “leading” conservatives in the media.  Unfortunately, the meeting was not so secret and the meeting did not include the most conservative voices.

This meeting seemed by many to be an attempt to win over what the President must have considered moderate conservatives.  Most notably, Rush Limbaugh was not invited to the event.  That is not surprising in that Rush and many other syndicated hosts are Obama’s most vocal opposition.  It was funny in that the before very same weekend, Rush was unexpectedly not on the air and the guest host could not explain his absence.

Many believed that Rush was at the meeting.  He was not.  Since then, the drive-by media and leading Democrats have been hammering Mr. Limbaugh.  To many of his listeners and supporters, it seems like there is a strategy to vilify Mr. Limbaugh.  I listen to Mr. Limbaugh often and have heard many of the comments misrepresented by Obama and his minions (i.e. Obama staff members, Democrats, and drive by media).

To Rush listeners, it is actually funny when you hear how Rush is misquoted.  The not so funny side is when you consider how politicians and a willing media seem to be colluding to destroy the most listened to conservative voice.  Maybe destroy is too strong a word and I should have used marginalize. 

It is rather chilling how his comments are being portrayed in the media.  The comments and misquotes make me feel like they are all reading from the same script.  Maybe Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos, CNN Commentator Paul Begala, and Democrat strategist James Carville have develop the scripts during their DAILY conference calls.

Paraphrasing Rush, he did say that he hopes that President Obama’s policies fail.  He also said that about President Obama’s policies because they are socialistic and would be bad for our economy.  He repeated his comments at a recent CPAC event last weekend and you can watch his speech here.  Many real economists say the same thing, though not as boldly as Rush.  I have heard Rush’s comments and have heard how they are being portrayed in the media.

Anyone can go to Rush’s website and listen to his words or tune in for free every day to hear him.  Why then does the mainstream media continue to misquote him?  My guess is that they have a few journalism school graduates on their staffs that could actually listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show.  It would be ever so simple to check what he said. 

Why will the media not do their jobs?  Are they lazy?  Jealous?  Stupid?

Apparently Rush did it again on today’s show.  He got the Democrats all in a tizzy about some comments relating Ted Kennedy and healthcare reform.  I, unfortunately did not hear the comments, so I cannot comment on them, but was impressed about quickly the Democrats put out a statement blasting them.  Of course the AP printed an excerpt from the show and the haughty response from some “leading” Democrat.

The funny thing about the article is that the writer put this at the end of his posting:

“Limbaugh did not respond immediately to a request for comment that was sent to the e-mail address provided on his Web site”

He must have something to hide.  Rush did not respond IMMEDIATELY to his request.  My guess is that Rush gets a few hundred e-mails an hour.  My suggestion is that when someone from the AP sends a message to Rush, he or she identify themselves as reporters from the AP in the subject line of the message.  That way they will be sure to get through

Being an avowed capitalist, Rush will even give you a better chance to reach him IMMEDIATELY if you become a Rush 24/7 Member.  I can picture that reporter trying to justify a membership payment to Rush Limbaugh.  I sure any Associated Press editor would rubber stamp that one.

If you are like me and have watched your share of television shows, you have probably seen something like the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (for you younger folks, that’s like Animal Planet before Animal Planet).  Who among us has not seen a lioness sneaking up on some unsuspecting zebra.

It is almost always explained that killing by predators actually strengthen the herd as they cull the weak and infirmed.  Obama’s minions may imagine themselves to be sleek predators, however, the prey that they identified is neither weak nor infirmed.

Oh and he has 24 million listeners each week and we are watching and listening.

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