Framing the Dialogue

Running Scared

“Jon Summers opened his mouth to scream… And woke up with a jolt. He was shaking, the sheets of his twin bed wet with sweat, his heart tattooing in his eardrums as the recurring dream…the nightmare he knew to be a premonition, faded into the gray light of dawn. He let out his breath and hoped to God that he hadn’t screamed aloud and woken his mother. Fingers twisting in the bed sheets, he slowly let out his breath and knew, deep in his heart, that his dream was a foreshadowing of events to come. They might not play out exactly as he’d envisioned, but they sure as hell were going to play out.”

Imagine that you have this “gift” that’s really not of gift.  It keep giving, but not anything that you want and generally gets you in trouble with people with whom you don’t want to be in trouble.  Your ability must be genetic, but you have not idea who your father is and your mother is overly protective of both you and this information.  You know that you are at the center of something big, but don’t know which direction to search for danger or who you can trust.  Is your dream of death a dream, a possibility or your doom?

“Calm down, she told herself and ignored the pounding of her pulse. He was just a man. Nothing to be afraid of.  At least not yet. She climbed into her station wagon and jammed her key into the ignition. Her new neighbor had learned more than she’d intended to tell him about Jon today, but now it was her turn. As she checked her rearview mirror to back out of her parking spot, she made a note to call Laura tonight and find out what her sister had dredged up on a would-be cowboy named Daegan O’Rourke.”

This novel by Lisa Jackson weaves together what seems like a tragic past with swirling danger in the future as a wealthy family struggle with their past and their future.

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