Framing the Dialogue

Rules for Radical Conservatives

“Ivan is thrilled.  Mikhail is devastated.  All their lives, they have been equal, the way good Soviet Men should be.  They had nothing, and nothing is what they shared equally.  You could not have asked for a purer expression of true communism.  As Mikhail watches Ivan’s lot improve, he seethes.  He complains to the local soviet, but there’s nothing they can do, because even in the U.S.S.R., it’s not against the law to have a cow.  Mikhail briefly considers reporting his friend to the Cheka, but finally decides against it; after all, he’s not a bad man, just a poor man…he does something he’d almost forgotten how to do.  He prays…’All my life I have striven to be a good atheist and not believe in you.  But now, I humbly come to you directly.  Please, God, please hear my prayer.  Please make us equal again.’  For a moment all is silent.  Then, to his utter amazement, a voice emerges out of the clouds, a voice that only he can hear, ‘Mikhail,’ says God, ‘your prayers have been answered.  You shall be made equal again.’  Mikhail leaps to his feet in disbelief.  A look of transfigured radience plays across his noble Slavic peasant features.  He cannot believe his good fortune. ‘Oh good!’ he exclaims. ‘You’re going to kill Ivan’s cow!”

This is an excerpt from Rules for Radical Conservatives and I felt it succinctly shows how the left really think.  They are not about pulling less fortunate people up, they are about tearing successful people down.  They’ll use the poor to acheive their end and really only want to tear successful people down who are not like them.  Politicians (mosty Democrats), Main-stream media, Hollywood, and academia are okay with having disproportionate wealth.  Progressives do also accept a small number of “repentant” mega-rich like Gates and Buffet.  Their stinking wealth is okay.

Written by David Kahane (a psydenym) in the first person he recounts the history of the liberal/progressive/socialist/communist (I’ll call them leftists) rise to power and influence over the last sixty years.  Kahane is a gloating leftist bragging about taking over the United States from within;

“Today, we are the cock of the walk, king of the world, all our vices made virtues, and all us sinners, saints.  While you were out trying to make your way in the world, earning a living, being responsible, raising a family, paying your taxes, we infiltrated your every institution: the schools, the law, Hollywood, the culture, the government.  We learned to train your own weapons upon you and, while you weren’t looking, we shot you in the back with them, metaphorically speaking.”

Perhaps the most intriguing part was some insight into what leftists seem to be trying to do to America right now.  The strategy outlined by Cloward and Piven in 1966 seems to be carried out in the final stages by Obama.  The plan is simple in its evilness – to overwhelm the United States by placing impossible, indisputable demands upon it…until is collapses.  Is that not where we are headed.  I guess the Cloward-Piven strategy will have the left taking over after the collapse.  Only thing is that this is America and most of us (there are still 51% who pay taxes) won’t stand for it.  If they want a revolution, they may just get one.

“If you really want to see the face of your sworn enemy, just turn on the television.  From the minute you wake up in the morning to the moment you finally fall asleep to the flikering glare of your flat screen, you are being bombarded by a worldview that, to put it mildly, has almost nothing in common with your own.”

Kahane spends the last third of the book offering, no taunting, us with the strategies that will take back from the left.  We need fewer John McCain’s and more Ronald Reagan’s.  Easier said than done!  WE conservatives need to become “Revanchists” or those who want to overthrow the overthrowers.  We can no longer curry favor with the media, we can no longer sit silently while some leftist blathers – just to get along, we need to become bold.  We are the vast majority.  We need to fight them with their own weapons.

There are some crusaders on the right.  Andrew Brietbart was one and his “Big” legacy lives on.  Glenn Beck and his peeps effectively use many of Alinsky’s rules to give the left the ridicule they so richly deserve.  Rush will forever be the Big Kahuna, the Holy Grail that the left wants to bring down by any means necessary;

“there is nothing we will not do to tear you down.  There is no lie we will not tell, no falshood we will not spread, no fact that we will not twist or manufacture.  There is no accusation too base for us to deliver, no area of your life that we will not examine, no personal or family secret that we will not expose if we can…we have no decency and we are proud of it.  In our agony and misery and our self-hatred we are determined to take you down with us.”

In other words they’ll kill our cow!  And like the noxious weeds that leftists are they will never give up.  The fight will go on forever.



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