Framing the Dialogue

Rule 13 Redux

We have another example of Saul Alinsky’s Rule 13 being effectively used to destroy another opponent of the left.  As a refresher, Rules For Radicals – Rule 13 is:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The target was fairly easy to pick this time as Glenn Beck of Fox News and his syndicated daily radio show.  Glenn was probably a wise pick as he really does not fit into the strict conservative mold.  He certainly drives me mad sometimes with the gloom and doom scenarios, but there is no doubt that he is a patriot.  His book, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, is a best seller and he released the book directly to paperback to maximize its availability.  Beck also does not seem to be held in the same regard as conservative hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin.  We should all be listening to how these hosts address Glen’s situation.

Left wing bloggers took exception when Mr. Beck offered his opinion that President Obama’s knee-jerk reaction calling a white policeman’s actions “stupid” might be racist.  You see, the policeman arrested a black man who is a friend of Obama.  Glenn Beck made a big mistake by having the nerve to express his opinion.  Left wing media picked up on the comment, but really did not provide the context and full discussion of the incident thereby polarizing Mr. Beck.

I listen and read a lot and Glenn Beck was not the only pundit to make this observation.  The only reason that I can figure as to why the vast left-wing conspiracy is freezingGlenn Beck is that his message is hitting the mark.  Not only is his message hitting the mark, but people are watching to the tune of 2.4 million viewers per day.  That is phenomenal for a non-prime time show. 

It is even more chilling that the effort seems to be directed by an organization started by one of Obama’s czars, Van Jones giving it an obvious White House connection.  Van Jones’ organization, Color of Change, has directed people to boycott and contact Glenn Beck’s advertisers.  This organization has made a very personal effort to get Glenn Beck off of the air or at least off of the Fox News Network. 

“The goal is to make Beck a liability.  They have a toxic asset.  They can either clean it up or get rid of it.”

                          James Rucker, Color of Change executive director

It seems that many advertisers are buckling to the pressure and cancelling their advertising on the Beck show.  It is certainly within the rights of people to contact advertisers just as others are trying to support Mr. Beck.  I really think it is interesting that advertisers are making decisions to pull ads based on the calls from people who probably do not watch Glenn Beck. 

In what may be the ultimate in irony, WalMart cancelled their advertising.  You know the company vilified daily by the left now kowtows to them.  Sam Walton must be spinning in his grave.  Another advertiser was quoted that they did not want to take political sides. 

By pulling their ads, they did just that.

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