Framing the Dialogue

Ring of Fire

I’ve been addicted lately to the Pike Logan thrillers by Brad Taylor.  In Ring of Fire (#11 in the series) Pike and his team must first find the terrorists who are different in that they are content to stay under the radar and inflict damage with their “ring of fire”, then must stop the plot.  In their quest they come across a man much like themselves except his killing expertise is for hire.  Can he be trusted?

“Tariq smiled and said, “I told you then that was the wrong decision, and I was correct. The Islamic State is hunted all over the world. We are unknown, and because of it, we’re going to light a ring of fire around the West. Cripple them.”

Author Taylor opens up an intriguing scenario, one which many people believe is true, that Saudi Arabia, an “ally” of the United States, perhaps funnels more money to terrorist organizations than any other country (maybe except for Iran).

““Look, there is a cancer here, and it has a name. It’s Wahhabism, and it’s coming from Saudi Arabia. We’re fighting that cancer now, but we embraced it early on.” I started to intervene, then backed up, wanting to hear what he had to say, knowing that Jennifer would get more out of him than I could. She said, “Everyone blames them, but it’s not borne out by the evidence. We just had the redacted pages released from the 9/11 report, and there’s no hard proof of their involvement. How can you say that Saudi Arabia is the root of a Moroccan terrorist in France?”

Another great page-turner from Brad Thor.  My prediction is that there will be several more reviews of Pike Logan thrillers in the near future.

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