Framing the Dialogue

Right to Abort

texasAre you like me and getting tired of the incessant fight from folks who seem driven to kill unborn babies.  No matter how they want to frame the act as “right to choose” it’s still abortion…killing an unborn child.  I’ve heard pro-life pundit predict that history will look back on this period as a very dark period where millions and millions of babies were killed.  Think of how we now look back on slavery.  While I am not trying to equate the two, but you have to admit that ripping out a living child to end its life is at least as bad as slavery.

So the muse for this post was a story in my local paper reprinted from the Washington Post (link here).  Texas, though the Libretards are trying, is still a fairly conservative state and maybe where I’ll end up when I retire.  It seems that they had the audacity to try to make abortion clinics and the “doctors” adhere to common practices of surgical centers and that their doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.  Abortion (let’s just stop accepting the “Pro-Choice” label they wrap themselves in) proponents say this law just goes way too far.  I don’t doubt that some Pro-Life supporters in Texas are using this as a way to reduce the number of abortions, but you have to admit that it is hard argue against safety of the woman who choose to abort their children.  I know this sounds coarse, but this issue brings out the emotions of many people.

Maybe rather than fighting the better standards for clinics the fees spent on lawyers could have been better spent on making the clinics safer.

The Supreme Court will consider whether the standards constitute and undue burden on providers.  Funny how liberals protest against undue burdens when it suits their beliefs, but turn away most other times like with EPA’s massive power grabbing new regulations.  That’s a discussion for another post.  Unfortunately SCOTUS will not decide the case ultimately on its merits, but most likely along party lines.  The court used to rule the country by nine black-robed  justices.  Now most cases are decided by one or two swing justices and in this case it is predicted to be Kennedy.

I have a proposal…Let’s agree to disagree on abortions in cases of incest, rape, and where a doctor decides the mother’s life is at risk.  They can proceed until society makesthe ultimate decision.  All other abortions stop.  The money saved by stopping these can be used to provide low cost pre-pregnancy methods…BIRTH CONTROL!

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