Framing the Dialogue

Rethinking Life On The Appalachian Trail

rethinking 2“How thin the line of safety.”

One thing that is sort of on my list of things I thought I’d like to do was to hike the Appalachian Trail.  This inspiring book by Gary Bond recounts his journey on the trail in 2008. Rethinking Life on the Appalachian Trail is allows us to join Bond as he undertakes one of the most physically and mentally grueling travels.  I admire the dedication of anyone wh0 even undertakes such an adventure and am thankful that Mr. Bond was willing to share with us.

“and shimmying along a narrow ledge to the trail below.  And there was no other way through – high boulder fields surrounded both sides.  This would be a lesson of Maine – if you want to see Katahdin…this is the only way.”

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the relationships formed among hikers and am jealous of their accomplishments.  This makes me long to do it…then I read about the treacherous climbs, inclement weather and dangerous conditions.  I know that this type of journey would not be for me…perhaps a few days on the trail?


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