Framing the Dialogue

Relativity Kicks In

Weather screen shotWith the very cold weather that has us in its grasp I gotten in the habit of checking my “WeatherBug” cell phone application before I get out of bed in the morning.  It has helped me brace myself each morning for the day and days ahead.  It struck me this morning, a Saturday,  when I woke before 0700 and automatically tapped on the app.  The screenshot on the left is what greeted me.  The reality and relativity of my reaction was one of happiness as it was a balmy 16 degrees.  I ACTUALLY LOOKED AT SIXTEEN DEGREES AS A POSITIVE THING!

As I look backward, sixteen is not terrible (no wind really in the forecast) and as I look forward in the projected next ten days there are ZERO days predicted to get above freezing temperatures.  As I write this I sit here listening to our furnace on constantly and watching the stiff, swirling wind (remember no wind was forecast) blow the accumulating snow about.  I now feel the need to go and purchase some type of space heater for our garage which is crisscrossed with our waterlines.  It seem prudent to spend a hundred bucks or so to avoid spending many hundreds for a plumber in a week or so.  I am just hoping that others didn’t beat me to the punch.

As far as the weather I look forward to 35 degree temperatures with longing when I can get away with only wearing only one pair of gloves.  That is not in the immediate future.  I have often wondered aloud how folks in Minnesota tolerated their extreme cold.  I now know that it’s all relative.

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