Framing the Dialogue

Red War

Red War is the fifteenth  in Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series and the third (I believe since his death).  Kyle Mills has miraculously kept the series alive for us fans and most importantly maintained the quality of both the writing and the non-stop action.  Buckle in when you open this one for some edge-of-your-seat action.

“Sokolov actually laughed out loud at that, and at the expression on Krupin’s face.  His agreement was a foregone conclusion at this point.  Krupin understood that the geopolitical complexities he’d faced his entire life were meaningless in light of his illness.  He had nothing to lose by this war and everything to gain.  Even if he eventually succumbed to cancer, Sokolov would make sure he was remembered as the man who dared to return Russia to greatness.”

When a Russian President primarily has power because he is feared and now has what seems to be a terminal illness, he is perhaps at his most dangerous.  The sprint to find a cure, hide his illness, and his desperate desire to make Russia great again is a significant triple threat.  Russian President Krupin cannot trust many and the man he trusts the most, disgraced General Sololov, is a brutal killer want glory for his mother Russia any way he can get it…even if it means the start of World War III.

If you want a well-written novel in the spy genre with non-stop action and great characters, look no further.  I love this novel and I continue to love this series.

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