Framing the Dialogue

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder

red velvet“they were approaching Eden Lake and she lowered her window.  She loved the damp green smell of the lake with the teeming life beneath its surface.  Life on the shore was equally rich and plentiful.  Small animals scurried beneath the trees, insects flitted and buzzed in an effort to claim the air, and birds called from the tall trees that lined both sides of the road, their branches almost meeting overhead.”

That’s language more befitting, perhaps, a dreamy novel about life in a small town rather than a murder mystery.  In the case of the Red Velvet Cupcake Murder it is both in this latest “Hannah Swensen Mystery with Recipes” novel.  I have read most if not all in this series and while they are all entertaining and an interesting read author Joanne Fluke’s formula is getting tiresome for me.  Maybe it’s not the formula, it’s the characters and specifically the love triangle between Hannah, Norman, and Mike.  At first it was a novel (ha ha…get it) part of the stories, but now it is tiresome.

In this episode and I don’t use that term lightly, one of the Swensen’s is the prime suspect in the murder and Hannah must prove their innocence.  It is funny as that it is how it is actually presented in the story.  It’s is not that the police (i.e. Mike) must prove guilt, but that the person’s innocence must be proven.  I’ll leave it to your imagination about whether they find the killer.

This is one of my least favorite in this series.  Again it is an entertaining book and since it is rather short you don’t lose much time reading it.  This is one for the beach.

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