Framing the Dialogue

Red Phoenix

Perhaps ripped from future headlines…Red Phoenix takes us to a world where South Korea is at war within itself, their neighbors to the North are lead by an insane man emboldened by his Russian and Chinese masters, and the Americans are facing political turmoil from within by weakened elected officials.  What would happen if the North Koreans attacked?  Who would prevail?  Author Larry Bond gives you some insight into this scary scenario.

“He watched silently as his bodyguards led the man out of his office. Truly, no drug could possibly match the exhilaration that swept through him whenever he used his power as the Great Leader’s son and designated heir. But slowly, very slowly, the exhilaration slipped away, replaced by a growing sense of frustration. The tunnel the Americans had stumbled across was only one of many that were being dug at his orders, but its discovery would make them more alert, more careful. As a result, work on the other tunnels would have to be stopped—at least until the Americans and their South Korean puppets had again been lulled into a false sense of security.”

This was one of those novels that kept me on the edge of my seat, awake way past my bedtime, and generally occupied until the thrilling conclusion.  Very well done Mr. Bond.

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