Framing the Dialogue

Re: Treads

Money is a little tight, but my car needed new tires.  Even though I made it through the winter in decent shape I was always concerned that I’d lose one of my tires at an inopportune moment.  I am not sure what an opportune moment would be to lose a tire…perhaps if one blows just as you pull into the bay at a tire dealership.  There are a lot of options and you can pay as little as $75 per tire to well in the hundreds of dollars.  I really wanted to fall between the two and closer to the lower end.  The problem then is that I’d be doing this again in two years.  Tires just don’t last like they used to. 

I was reading the paper one day and saw an advertisement for retread tires as a low cost alternative to brand new tires.  With retreads you kind of know what you are getting, a used tire with a face-lift.  The dealer was near one of my stops so I dropped in one afternoon to check them out.  I was very surprised at the number of models that they have:

  1. The McCain:  It’s been used many times, is strong on defensive driving, but veres left far too often.
  2. The Romney:  It is a very shiney model, low road noise, has pulled left a number of times.  The dealer explained that I may get stuck with the Romney as it was its turn to run.
  3. The Huckabee:  Doesn’t look as pretty as the Romney and many reviewers are cautious about its true identity.  Seems like a McCain light.
  4. The Donald:  A very brash model with striking tread, though it is very obvious that it is a retread.  This model grabs the road to take you on a trip you’ll love, but one has to question whether the retread is all show and will not far well in the long run.  May be a little thin skinned.
  5. The Paul:  I liked a lot about this model though some find it a flaky retread.  It has been around for a while and never really gained strong popularity except for a small group of enthusiasts.  Rumor is that it won’t leave the driveway.
  6. The Bush:  The second of the second generation of the Bush retread.  Though promising it is not ready for production.
  7. The Palin:  Like the Paul this model has a very strong, yet small following, but also has a very strong yet small group of critics.  This model is not really ready for the main wheels yet, but the treat of a Palin on the horizon may keep the production of the other models in check.
  8. The Bachman:  My favorite model that I looked at though it may not have enough tread just yet.  The top tires get all of the billing.
  9. The Pawlenty:  Bachman lite.
  10. The Chrisite:  This is a concept model.  I would be very excited about this model.  Brash like the trump, strong like the Bachman, yet had plenty of tread to handle the job.  This model is not yet available.

Perhaps I’ll wait until next year to make my decision.  Other models may be available.  I heard that the Cain, West, or Jindal models may be available then.

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