Framing the Dialogue

Raging Heat

raging heat“The traffic detail chopped the air with gloved hands to keep the gawkers past the street barricade. But the would let her through.  The NYPD’s top homicide detective had a corpse to meet.”

This is the sixth novel in Richard Castle’s Nikki Heat series.  In Raging Heat , Nikki Heat seems to go against her mantra of letting the clues lead you to the perpetrator.  An influential suspect has all of Heat’s attention much to the dismay of her team, her boss, and many of those higher up in New York City’s political class.  Heat and Rook also have some rough times as Heat carries a secret that threatens to drive them apart.

The race to solve the crime(s) in this novel is made more complex as Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching the East coast straining resources and tempers.

This is a classic Nikki Heat novel and melds crime thriller with the tempestuous relationship between Heat and Rook.  I enjoyed reading it as with the others and though it was not quite “keep me awake” thrilling it is a book I would recommend.

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