Framing the Dialogue

Quiet Strength

As someone who lives in Steeler Country I have great memories of Tony Dungy as both a player and a coach.  I think the best way to describe the impact that he had was the fact that he only played a few years here yet I remember his play.  It was always noted about how “football” smart he was and that he would certainly become a coach and though his playing career was rather short he soon became the coach of former teammates who were much older.  In Quiet Strength  Tony Dungy shares his journey as a player, coach, Super Bowl champion , and most important to him, father and man of God. 

I had some inclination of his faith, but really had no idea of the depth of his belief or that of so many other NFL players and coaches.  It is disappointing that troubled and cocky players get the attention when there are so many who are positive role models.  Tony Dungy has achieved so much in football and life.  In Quiet Strength he shares his passion for doing things the right way even if it takes a little longer. 

“I remind my assistant coaches of that approach every so often.  My dad believed you can’t teach only one way with only one syllabus, because while some student might get it, others won’t.  Students have different ways of learning and connecting, and it’s the teacher’s job to make sure they are all doing so.  In the same way, coaches must help players earn an – A – that is, learn the material…that’s one reason I’ve always hired coaches who value teaching and communication.”

You’ll cheer when he wins as a player and a coach and be touched as he recounts the deaths of loved ones.  His thoughts about the death of his teenage son were particularly touching.  He reminded me of when my uncle died.  I really didn’t know him as I was young and he lived far away.  But his death hit my grandfather hard.  I can still remember his words that it just was not right for him to have to bury his son.

Quiet Strength is an inspirational story for all fans, not just sports fans.

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