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Puzzle Me This

“We came, we saw, he died”

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton (Democrat)

I happened to catch some of Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon.  He had as a guest long-time Democrat strategist and spokesman Lanny Davis.  Sean had devilish intentions of busting the chops of Davis about President Obama’s poll numbers and suggesting that just about any Republican candidate could win in 2012.  Davis differed on that and suggested that only Romney had the right stuff to challenge Obama (I have to admit to being leery about the Democrat’s consistent position, almost a longing, to have Romney be the Republican nominee).

Davis went on to pontificate about how well Obama was doing with his recent successes killing first Osama bin Laden (assassinated in another country without their permission), Anwar al-Awlaki (an American citizen), and now complicit in the murder of Muammar Qaddafi (a head of a sovereign country).  Davis’ bragging tone struck me as funny (odd not humorous) much as the clucking of Hilary Clinton about the death of Qaddafi who was captured alive, brutally beaten, then murdered without any kind of a trial.  Don’t get me wrong, these were all bad men and deserved their fates, but you have to admit that the liberals’ hypocrisy here is SCREAMING to be illustrated.  Some of their positions on life and death don’t seem to jibe;

  • One of the basic liberal alters is abortion or the killing of unborn children not-so-cleverly termed “pro-choice.”  So taking a human life is okay right?
  • Wait liberals are against corporal punishment.  Just look at the protests outside of prisons when a convicted murderer is up for an appointment to complete their sentence.  Hollyweird stars flood the airwaves defending known criminals not only seeking that their lives be spared, but often campaigning for their release.  So killing babies (unborn) is okay, but not murderers.
  • Hey wait a minute again.  Obama just killed the mass murderers bin Laden, al-Awlaki, and Qaddafi.  So perhaps it’s only okay to kill murderers who haven’t been tried in a court of law.  Also they have to be in a foreign land when we kill them.  I think I got it now…sort of.
  • I forgot to mention that Reuters reported that Obama has a super secret death panel,

“Somewhere deep in the National Security Council, a death panel is operating without known legal basis, without recognized rules, without clear oversight and without public record or knowledge of its actions.  According to Reuters news agency, a committee composed of midlevel National Security Council staffers is in charge of compiling the “death list” of terrorists to be targeted by the CIA for killing. Their recommendations are sent to a principals committee for approval. The president then has the option of objecting to the names on the list, but if he remains silent, he gives his consent.”  [I believe that is called plausible deniability or maybe allows him to “vote present”]

  • This last section is perhaps the most perplexing stance of Obama liberals.  It doesn’t deal with death directly, but touches on bad men like Obama had killed recently.   If say you happened to capture one of these fine fellows instead of just outright killing them you would not be able to waterboard them, play loud hip hop music, make them stand for long periods, or make them cold.  To summarize…you may drop a 500 pound bomb on them (and any unfortunate sole near them), but not put a rag on their face and dribble water on them.  That’s logical.
  • I almost forgot about the Somali pirates that Obama had killed a while back.  Again, bad men though very young men, but no trial and probably not well known enough to be worthy of the super secret Obama death panel.  I seem to remember that they may have been warned before they were all shot in the head.

I know that because Democrats are viewed as weak on defense they love to puff up their chests when they score some victory and we, as compassionate conservatives, should let them have their moment of glory, but I don’t want to.  It seems that unborn (or partially born) babies are okay to kill, bad men okay as long as they are not on American soil (hey wait a minute they were all also Muslim men…food for thought), not okay to kill if they had an American trial.  No ill treatment of enemy combatants.

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