Framing the Dialogue

Pushing Up Daisies

As a person who likes working in my yard, digging around and striking something is not unusual in that my “soil” beneath the one inch of topsoil is rocks mixed with clay.  My dull thunk when I dig is a piece of rock.  Paula Holliday, a professional Gardener, heard the familiar dull sound, but when she dug around she became embroiled in a 30 year old murder mystery.  Pushing Up Daisies by author Rosemary Harris is not unlike the China Bayles series by Susan Wittig Albert except with a younger main character.

Harris weaves a strong mystery trail using gardening lore as a comfortable backdrop.  If you love murder mysteries, but not the gore; If you love gardening, including the lore you will get a kick out of Pushing Up Daisies.  It would be a great weekend book to relax with on a cold, snowy day as you long for longer sunny, warm days.

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