Framing the Dialogue

Pushing Brilliance

Kyle Achilles is a former world-class athlete who should be on top of the world as his father, mother, and brother celebrate business success and the brother’s engagement to a brilliant and beautiful mathematician.  His world is turned inside-out as he is the primary suspect when his parents and brother are found dead and the police believe they were murdered.  Only the fiancé survived the murder and she becomes an unlikely accomplice in trying to solve the murders.  They not only have to outrun the police, but the very powerful folks behind the murders.  In Pushing Brilliance they have to use every resource that they have as they struggle with their grief…and attraction.

“I WAS DETECTING A PATTERN. I was also tiring of being one step behind. I needed to figure out how to get one step ahead. That was the problem with following clues: you were following. Behind by definition.  Getting ahead required ideas. I had a couple to try.”

“But why? Why clean up at all? Isn’t this perfect? Isn’t this all the evidence you’ll ever need to get out of jail? Especially with what you told me about Casey.” “You’re right. I have what I came here for. But the picture has changed. It’s grown much larger, much more devious and complex. To make things right, I’ve got to go back to Russia, back to where this all began.”

This is a well-written thriller with a compelling, resourceful cast.  If you want edge-of-your seat, this one is for you.

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