Framing the Dialogue

Pretty Dead

If you happened upon my post and are looking at my book reviews you may have noted that I just posted the third review in a row of one book series which means that I read them back to back to back.  That means that I really enjoyed the novels. Pretty Dead is the third book in the Elise Sandburg Series.

Savannah, Georgia is again gripped by what seems to be another serial killer feasting on ladies of the night.  When the murderer starts to kill more affluent people the uproar heightens for detective Elise Sandburg and her partner David Gould.  Their need to find the murderer is complicated when Gould’s extracurricular activities threated not only the investigation, but Sandburg’s trust in her partner.  Oh, and the mayor has allowed a reporter to tag along with them during their investigation of what seems to be a random killer.

““You’re welcome.” Nightingale smiled back, and the smile was heavy with the unshared humor of the moment. “You’re very welcome,” he told the barista. I saved your life today and you don’t even know it. Sometimes doing nothing was the biggest gift of all.”

Pretty Dead is another home run by author Anne Frasier.  I’m looking forward to her next in the series due out this May.

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