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President Addresses Rising Gas Prices

The President addressed the rapidly rising fuel prices by asserting that he is both aware and deeply concerned about the rising price of gasoline.  After consultation with his teleprompter he offered a solution today that offers no immediate relief and in fact may remain a long way from approval on Capitol Hill: Pedal Cars.

As he and his family watched White House workers weed the White House Vegetable Garden he acknowledged that gas prices have shot up over 25 percent in recent weeks.  He did note that drilling for more oil in our territory or constructing additional refining capacity would offer a great deal of hope in boosting oil production and eventually cutting the price of gas.  “Supply side economics works, but will not push us toward our goal of really small plastic car for all people and by people I mean except for us elites.” 

“While there are a lot of reserves to be found in ANWR and off of the coast and in oil shale and in coal conversion… That’s a given,” the President said in his 200th press conference since taking office just over four months ago.  He again stated that we need to break our dependence on foreign oil and switch to renewable sources and we need to invest only in these technologies.  While relief from these alternative sources cannot be expected for decades, he is not concerned because he is President and lives for free at the White House.   

The president, saying he is pushing for a summer increase in the 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal gas tax to fund additional research, declined to consider a tax-relief plan that many other politicians are backing.  He will also call for a series of hearings requiring “Big Oil” executives to explain their obscene profits.  He may also look to Venezuela for guidance on a government run oil business. 

“The American people have got to understand that, here in the White House, we’re concerned about high gas prices.  They are finally getting to our target price of $8 a gallon.  It’s a tough time for our economy… Many Americans are understandably anxious and that people are looking to Congress for action and ‘all they are getting is delay.”

The president, who appeared surprised at a suggestion of $4 per-gallon gas prices at his most recent press conference yesterday, opened his press conference today with an accounting of rising prices: “In the past month, gas prices have gone up by nearly 60 cents per gallon… ” Drilling in the protected ANWR could offer an estimated one million barrels of oil a day, he said, translating into 27 million gallons of gas and diesel – a 20 percent boost in U.S. crude oil production. “It would likely mean lower gas prices, but that is off of the table.”

Environmental activists have staunchly opposed drilling pretty much anywhere in the United States.  There seems no chance at all that Congress might address such a controversy because they are afraid of offending anyone anytime.  

NOTE:  This obviously is a fictional piece that was modified from an original article written in April 2008.  At that time President Bush was being berated because of the rise in gas prices. 

As I was driving to a meeting yesterday, I again noticed another double digit (not in dollars, but cents) rise in the price of gas.  As we again seem to be careening toward gas prices over $4 per gallon, I am struck by the total lack of MSM coverage.  I am not surprised at Obama and the Democrats getting a pass, just struck.  I am, however surprised that the alternative media has not jumped on the story either.  It is looking like another long, expensive summer and no one seems to be taking notice.

Hey Newt what ever happened to “Drill Here, Drill Now?”

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