Framing the Dialogue

Power Down

You can add author Ben Coes to the list of my favorite thriller writers Vince Flynn, Ted Bell, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva.  In Power Down the United States is attacked by fundamentalist terrorists after burrowing into our country’s infrastructure for decades.  The attacks are concentrated on our ability to produce energy.  As intelligence agencies race against time to stop future attacks two unlikely characters become heroes in the cause. 

You be shocked and appalled at the mayhem and death, you’ll hiss at some of the bad guys, you’ll cheer as we “eliminate” some of the bad guys, but you won’t be able to put the book down.  If you are a disciple of political correctness, you should probably avoid this book and switch on NPR…better yet you should pull your head out of the sand (or some other hole) and read this book. 

I look forward to Coes’ sequel…hopefully.  Click on the book to the right, go to Amazon, and buy it today.

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